Thursday, November 20, 2008

getting started

A couple of nights ago, I uploaded the finished website files for I figured nobody would see that the website had gone live until I told them. I thought I had further finetune details and come up with some fun material to initiate this blog.

The next day I get an email from my friend, Seth, that says congrats on your new website. What? How did he know? Surely, he didn't just happen to check my site. So, I emailed him back and asked. That's how I found out my site was being featured on Really? Cool! How did Susan Lomuto magically know my site had gone live the night before? Are there google robots that notified her? It was fun to be featured. Thanks Susan! The link to that is:

Then the next day, another favorite blog of mine, www.polymerclaydaily, did a mention and link. Thanks Cynthia!

So, now the website is up, the blog is officially started and hopefully with time, I'll figure out how to dress it up. Eventually. Off to make earrings for a studio show.